The coworking community has grown considerably since its humble beginnings. Today, coworking is a global phenomenon, a way of working that many have come to depend on for its ability to connect people, inspire innovation, and create a sense of community. It brings disparate elements and companies together with a common focus, maximizes available office space, and provides great value that can be seen in the bottom line.

But lest you think that coworking is solely the realm of freelancers and startups, keep in mind that coworking is for big business too. Many of the world’s most successful companies depend on coworking to attract top talent and support a culture of productivity, but the cost savings are significant too.

A recent survey conducted by CBRE Enterprises found that nearly half of major corporations are using flexible office solutions. The same study found that 65 percent of enterprise companies plan to implement coworking into their corporate strategy by 2020. This is significant, as it indicates that there is clear value to be had by embracing this trend.

Why big businesses love coworking

Some of the rationales these companies give for leveraging coworking into their long-range strategy include:

Cost reduction: shared resources mean less overhead. Coworking is typically BYOD as well, so there is often no need to invest in workforce technology. Additionally, without dedicated office space for every employee, it’s easy to make the most out of the physical space.

Short-term space solution: when companies decide to enter new markets, there are physical office needs that may take time to establish. A coworking space allows them to get down to work right away with everything they need at their fingertips.

Remote office space: with today’s ability to connect and work with top talent wherever they are on the planet, many companies are building a high-performing remote workforce. While establishing an office in every major city may not be practical or realistic, a coworking space gives them all the advantages of a home office without all the extra work.

Promote innovation: many companies thrive on a culture of innovation. Being able to work closely with or alongside others who are focused on bringing ideas to life has been proven to foster new ideas, leading to breakthrough innovations and heightened productivity.

Encourage teamwork: when workers are in an environment where many people are all working toward the same goal, great things happen. Teamwork thrives on human connection and coworking provides plenty of opportunities to make that happen.

Maximize real estate: with today’s movement toward remote working and telecommuting, there is less of a need for dedicated office space. A coworking space makes the best use of a floor plan, accommodating more people within a smaller footprint. Companies can expand their workforce without adding new offices and that’s simply smart business.

Lakeside Office Suites coworking in Weston, FL

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